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Nutritional Information

The nutrition information presented on this website is based on standard product formulations and was obtained through analysis by our nutritional software, entitled ESHA Genesis R&D, and information provided by our suppliers. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, assembly at restaurant level, and/or season of the year. Regional variations may occur. Certain menu items may vary from restaurant to restaurant and may not be available at all locations. Baked goods may vary in size. This information includes a selection of Tim Hortons’ most popular items and may not include all items found in-restaurant. Information is applicable to products in Canadian restaurants and may be subject to change at any time. Please check this website periodically for updates.

Save Me Tim Hortons!!!

I was really looking forward to some fun road trips with my daughter, Jade, this summer and she came up with a great idea for our first adventure. Jade found out that one of her favorite movie stars, James Franco, was going to be at the Cleveland Museum of Art for a preview of an art film. She was so excited! We invited my cousin, purchased our tickets online and were ready for the day to arrive. On Sunday, June 21st, we all loaded into my little Honda Civic and set out for what we thought would be a fabulous trip. The drive was long and as we got closer to downtown Cleveland, we were very excited! However, as soon as we got off the freeway, the navigation system on our cell phone froze! We drove around a block or two, not knowing where we were or where we were going, and I started to become nervous. I pulled over for a few minutes hoping our navigation system would re-set and get us back on course. No such luck! I became even more nervous as the time was wasting away. I finally decided to get directions at a gas station. As I pulled into a station, I rounded the corner and low and behold, there was an ice freezer! There were cars parked at gas pumps close by and I ended up grazing the freezer with the bumper of my car. I jumped out only to find I had scratched my bumper up a bit. My daughter went into the station, got directions and came back to the car. She felt so bad for what had happened! As we started to pull out of the station, the navigation system started working. I couldn't help but laugh! How awful was this trip going to be?! Finally, I said to Jade and my cousin, "That's it, I need a Tim Hortons iced coffee before I lose my mind!!!" We still had a little time left before the show started so we navigated our way to the nearest Tim Hortons, got our iced coffees, and I felt so much better!!! We were able to make it in the nic of time, and it was a GREAT show! Thank goodness for Tim Hortons! :-)

Suzanna01, via



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