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Notice of Temporary Service Disruption

Issue Date: October 1, 2011


During a temporary disruption to the availability of Tim Hortons facilities and/or services, we will notify our guests of the reason for the disruption and its anticipated duration.  To ensure effective dissemination of this information notices will be posted at public entrances as soon as practicable.  If alternate locations are available during the disruption, we will also include this information on public notices.


This procedure applies to all employees, volunteers as well as anyone dealing with the public or other third parties on behalf of Tim Hortons in Ontario.

Types of Service Disruptions:

Temporary service disruptions may result due to many different situations.  The following is a list of some common circumstances that may result in a service disruption. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Washroom Closure
  • Restaurant Renovations
  • Automatic Door Malfunction
  • Nearby Construction
  • Power Failure



Notice of service disruption shall be posted at a conspicuous place on the premises.  The exact location may depend on the type of service disruption and should be reasonable for the circumstances.  The Restaurant Manager or Owner is responsible for posting the notice as soon as practicable.  The notice will include:


  • Reason for the disruption,
  • Which good/services are disrupted,
  • Expected duration
  • Description of any alternative locations available



For restaurant renovations, a notice of service disruption will be posted at the location and the closure will be flagged on the store locator section on the Tim Hortons website.

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