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Accessible Guest Feedback Process

Issue Date: October 1, 2011


Tim Hortons has an extensive process designed to facilitate the collection and response to all guest feedback, including feedback regarding the provision of goods and services to people with disabilities.  Tim Hortons strives to provide a hospitable and welcoming overall experience that reflects how much guests are truly appreciated.


This procedure applies to all employees, volunteers as well as anyone dealing with the public or other third parties on behalf of Tim Hortons in Ontario.

Methods of Providing Feedback:

The following methods of providing feedback to Tim Hortons on the provisions of goods and service to people with disabilities are available:

  1. Website - via the website email feedback form at under "Contact Us"
  2. Telephone- Tim Hortons Head Office Guest Services Department:
    Hours:  Monday to Thursday 8:00am- 5:30pm and Friday 8:00am to 5pm specific to each time zone.
    Voicemail is available on Saturday, Sunday and after hours.  Messages left will be returned the following business day.


Information on how to contact Tim Hortons to provide feedback is available at each restaurant, posted on the "Welcome" sign at the main building entrance.  Contact us information is also posted on the Tim Hortons website.

Response to Feedback

At Tim Hortons, every guest that provides feedback receives a response. The Guest Services department at Tim Hortons head office is dedicated to responding to all inquiries, regardless of method, as quickly as possible. A Guest Services Representative will contact each guest in the method which they have requested to be contacted. All guest feedback is logged and tracked to ensure quality response and resolution, including the actions that were or will be taken.


Tim Hortons will not disclose personal information for purposes other than those required to address feedback and inquiries related to accessible guest services.


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