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Two Wheeling To Timmys

Well, we finally got a Tim Hortons restaurant within 25 miles of home - YES! Home is Holland, MI. We've been having to drive to Lansing, MI to get the best coffee/donuts anywhere! The issue has always been the distance - Lansing is 82 miles away. So, we're exciting to have a Timmys so close. Since several of us are avid bicyclists, we've started a new tradition this summer. That tradition is biking often for a Timmys breakfast on Saturday mornings. We leave before the sun comes up and get a great workout before arriving at Timmys. Ah, then the fun begins!. A breakfast sandwich, a double chocolate donut, and the best sweet nectar to wash it down - a cuppa Timmys joe. What better way to begin a weekend - exercise and the best food/coffee in the world! Thanks for coming to West Michigan. Is Holland on the radar for a future store.....

bigdaddyweeb, via



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