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English Channel - Swimmin' and Timmin'

"I am a middle school teacher and volunteer U.S. Masters Swimming coach in Michigan. Several of my colleagues/teammates and I stop at Tim Horton's to refuel after our morning swim practices, on our way to school, from September to June. We call this, ""Swimmin' and Timmin."" Our local Tim Horton's is conveniently located next to our YMCA, where I order a delicious oatmeal and berries and coffee or juice. On a few Friday occasions, I've rewarded certain classes and announced to my students that it was Tim Bit Day-- after they did a ""Bit of Math.""

On August 20, 2011, I became the first Michigan woman to successfully complete a solo swim across the English Channel. My English Channel crew and I relied on Tim Horton's to refuel and warm-up throughout the summer after colder water Lake Huron open water swims in Tawas, Michigan. I wrote a lot of blogs about my training using Tim Horton's free wi-fi in the Tawas Tim Horton's.

After spending two weeks in Deal and Dover, England this summer with my Channel crew (husband, friends), we enjoyed sightseeing in London. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Tim Horton's sign in London! I felt like I was back home. Now that the leaves are falling in Michigan and the students are back in school, I'm back to work--in the pool and and teaching math. Thank you, Tim Horton's, from my swimming family, for a morning breakfast we eagerly await."

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