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The Long Ride Home

Today was the last day at the cottage, the last night of campfires, smores, kayaking and staying up late. We had decided to go to Tim Hortons to get some Iced Coffees as a treat after our BBQ. On our way there we had met a family of raccoons, one with a Tim Horton cup stuck on its nose! SO we got out of the car and slowly approached the little fellow. My dad said he'd go buy the iced coffees and a doughnut to try and keep the raccoon from running away. And you know how no one, especially a raccoon can't resist the smell and taste of a chocolate dip doughnut. As we got closer, we didn't know who was going to have to deal with the raccoon. I volunteered to help the poor little guy. I knew the rest of my family would to, but i could tell they were unsure about being able to help. so, I slowly approached it and took the cup off his nose, as my dad was running out with all the goodness. He gave me the doughnut, and I passed it to the raccoon. The rest of the raccoons ran up to meet him as if they were rejoicing. And they all shared the doughnut to celebrate. As we watched the raccoons go back into the woods, we slowly headed back to the cottage, thinking : Thats just another great story that makes me love this place even more. THE END!

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